Tuesday, 23 July 2019

July 23, 2019

Coin Master Free spin and coin links

Hii to all of you, if you want daily coin master free spin and coin link then this page for you.
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we are daily updates new spin and coin links. it is a good idea to bookmark this page or add to the home page now. you can also follow our page and join our facebook group.

Coin master free spin and coin links. coin master daily free spins, coin master free coins, coin master gift and reward links 2019, coin master best free spins rewards
Coin master free spin and coin links

Today Free spin and coin links

Note: Some spin link coming soon please recheck it later.

For  More

Coin master Free spin

2. https://coinmaster.onelink.me/2792196939?pid=FB_PAGE&c=(_)1VdlrQmfFo_t2wrCB3qjhx9xf8oKdetVx07mTDFaWCo&campaign=(_)1VdlrQmfFo_t2wrCB3qjhx9xf8oKdetVx07mTDFaWCo&af_dp=coinmaster%3A%2F%2Fpromotions&af_deeplink=true&af_web_dp=https%3A%2F%2Fapps.facebook.com%2Fcoin-master%2F

1. https://static.moonactive.net/static/coinmaster/reward/reward2.html?c=pe_INSfepcM_20191024











25 spin















  1. https://static.moonactive.net/static/coinmaster/reward/reward2.html?c=pe_INSPvpBg_20190808









Coin master coin
Coin master coin
Coin master coin
10 spin + coin link
Coin master link

25 spin link (2nd link)

25 spin link

Coin master link
10 spin link
10 spin + coin
Coin master link
Coin master link

Coin master link
25 spin link
Coin master link

  1. Coin master coin
  2. 10 spin + coin
  3. Coin master coin
  4. 25 spin link


  1. 25 spin link
  2. Coin master coin
  3. Coin master coin


  1. 25 spin link
  2. Coin master coin
  3. 25 spin link 
  4. Coin master coin


  1. Coin master coin
  2. 10 spin + coin link
  3. 10 spin + coin link


  1. Coin master coin
  2. 10 spin + coin link
  3. Coin master coin link


  1. 10 spin + coin link
  2. 25 spin link
  3. Coin master link
  4. 25 spin link
  5. 25 spin link


  1. Coin master link
  2. 10 spin+ coin link


  1. Coin master link
  2. Coin master link
  3. Coin master link


  1. 10 spin + coin link
  2. 10 spin + coin link
  3. Coin master coin link

Coin Master Free Spins

We daily update Coin master free spin and coin links. It is our effort to keep the Daily Coin Master Spin link here so that you can build a village and complete the events. we love coin master game.

Coin Master Free Coins

We add daily coin master free coins links. you can claim when we add.

Coin Master Gift and Reward Links 2019

Coin master gifts and reward links 2019 mean free spin and coin links. Here we daily update new spin and coin links, so visit our site daily and get free coin master gift and rewards.

Coin Master best Free Spins Rewards

We also daily update here coin master best free spins rewards. Page update daily new links at a single place. The benefit of this page, no need to install any app, it works desktop, iPhone, Android and any other device.

Please Note: If you already used links from different sources like an App and another website or page then you got a message in-game screen " You already received the gift from this link"
2) Most of the links expire in a few days.
3)Visit this website daily and quickly claim new links.
4) Hope you will always be in touch.
5) We are not an official page/blog/website of coin master game.

Good luck for the next village, enjoy the free spin link and coin master game.
We want to know about coin master game experience, what do you think. please leave a comment below.

Coin master spin link another post. Hope you like it

Friday, 19 July 2019

July 19, 2019

Coin master event list

Everyone knows about the next Coin master event. if you are here that means you are the coin master game lover. Most players comment on what is next coin master event or when will come Viking event. So as a player requirement, we give info below what is next event and other event lists.

Coin master event lists

  • Diamond Tournament
  • Gift Master
  • Special Events
  • Attack Madness
  • Raid Madness
  • Village Master
  • Bet Blast
  • Cards Boom
  • Cards for Chests
  • Gold Card Trade
  • Jackpot
  • Balloon Frenzy
  • Viking Quest
  • Set Blast
Actually, every new event always surprises of coin master game, and their game player enjoys it. if you want more info about event visit coin master official site. Here is another post you may like 

Coin Master Free spin and coin links


Saturday, 13 July 2019

July 13, 2019

Free Spin and Coin links FAQs Coin Master

Hii Coin Master Game Lovez Today we talk about Free spin and Coin links FAQs ( Frequently Asked Question) Yes. we will try to clear your all doubt about games and their complaints.

Mostly Game lover asked
Free Spin and Coin link FAQs-Coin Master not working, coin master unlimited spins, coin master free spins link, You already received the gift from this links, 

How to get Free spin and coin links

Guys we provide daily free spin and coin links. visit our website and get daily free spin and coin rewards. Our aim to listed all spin and coin links here which we take from different sources and help to coin master game lovers.

Coin Master not Working 

Mostly coin master game player complaint, coin master not working. actually, this game running on the internet, if your internet signal is poor or low speed then sometimes game loses connection.
Free Spin and Coin link FAQs-Coin Master not working, coin master unlimited spins, coin master free spins link, You already received the gift from this links,

How I get Coin Master Unlimited Spins 

No way to get unlimited coin master spins. Only get some thousand spins when you complete card set. Sometimes user asks for how to hack this game. In my experience, you can't use cheat/hack this game.

Link not working and showing you already received the gift from this links

There are too many facebook page and some blog post some spin link. if you follow of them and collect reward then click the same link. A message is shown in your game home screen "you already received the gift from this link.

July 13, 2019

Coin Master 100 spins Gifts

You can send and receive daily coin master 100 spins by gift option. Give your friends a gift of a spin every day and they can do so for you in return. A spin gift does not use any of your own spins, and you can give up and receive 100 per day.

how to send gift spin

  • first, open your coin master game
  • click on the Menu, right corner of the screen
  • find the "Gift" option
  • then click on it.
  • with the help of Gift option, you can send spin, coin, and cards also.
coin master 100 spins gift
Coin master free spin and coin links
July 13, 2019

know about Coin Master Free Spin and Coin Reward links.

In this Article, you can know about Coin master Free spin and coin reward links. if you want to know more about free spin and coin link, Here are some detail that I still understand. Hope you found it useful.

Coin Master game daily shares URL Links in Coin master Facebook page when you click on this link the user automatically redirect to the game and get spins and coin rewards. you can search this page in facebook search option Or open Coin master game then clicks on the menu and click to the setting option you can find the link of Coin master facebook page.

Coin master unlimited spin links

Some people claim to give you unlimited spins or claim to give you unlimited spin links. Please ignore them. you can only get more spin by complete cards set or after complete given special events like a Set Blast event.

coin master unlimited spin links
know about coin master free spin and coin links

Here is  Coin Master free spin and coin links
July 13, 2019

Coin Master Card Trading

Coin Master Card Trading, Every Coin Master Game Players want Trade some cards, here we give you links for Coin master card trading process. You can find Facebook groups for card trading where coin master players exchange cards with each other.

Coin Master Cards Trading Official link

If you want more detail about Coin master card trading then click on the link. In this link, you can get the knowledge about Coin master card trading,  like How can I trade gold cards.? I am not finding new cards. etc
Image Credit: Coin master

Coin Master Cards Trading with Friends

You can trade normal cards with friends. The limit is only 5 cards sent to friends each day.

Coin master Golden Cards Trading

Every Coin master game lovers want golden cards. Golden Cards can only be traded in special events. Each Gold Card trade event allows for two specific gold cards to be traded.

Players can either request or offer these Gold Cards by making a post on Games Official Trading Group.

Coin Master Cards trading Facebook Groups

Here is some Popular Facebook groups list where you can request or make a post for Cards.

July 13, 2019

How to Play Coin Master

Coin Master Game is developed by Moon Active. You can play Coin Master in three formats like Android, Facebook, and IOS. Coin master is very popular in kids as well as adults. Coin master game based on earn coin and build your village.

How to Play Coin Master 

When you start up first-time coin master then see your village and build it. This gives you one star, that is important for a sense of progress. Click on the Slot Machine and play the game. By using it you can earn coins which allow you to expand your village. These are the little things you should remember in coin master gameplay.
Coin Master Game gudie, coin master game menu, how to play coin master
how to play coin master

  • For Coin Master Games you must first keep your desired name.
  • You will get eight free spins when a new game starts
  • Whenever you upgrade to your village, you will get a star every time
  • You need 20 stars to go to a new village (so keep improving the structure of the village)
  • You will get five free spins every 60 minutes of the game
  • You must add your game account to the Facebook account
  • When you start a new game you must fulfill all the basic requirements of the game.
  • You can get hammer, shields, pig face or coins with your spin.


The Spin Button is part of the game. when you click on the spin button the coin master game will start.


Attack, which is represented by Hammer on slots, is a way of earning coins for players, while also challenging your friends to challenge their villages to finish the challenge.

When you do an attack on the slot machine, the game will automatically take you to a random player or friend's village, and there you have to attack that player or any of your "friends" or "revenge" There will be an option to choose.


Raid is the part of the game which is represented by pig face on slots, the game will take you to the other players' village and give you 3 shovels and 4 spots marked by an "X", where you can dig. 

Daily Bonus Wheel

Daily Bonus Wheel once every 24 hours to win a free bonus! Once the coins are collected, the player will be presented with a countdown timer towards the next free daily bonus spin!

Coin Master Game Menu

The Coin Master Game menu has different options, Click on the top right of your dashboard. You can find these options on the menu:

  • Play- When you click on the Play Option, it will take you home screen where you can spin the slots.
  • Village- The Village option take you to the village area, you can see your present village.
  • Buy Coins/Spins- This option to buy extra spins and coin, chest and treats.
  • Daily Bonus-Daily Bonus Wheel once every 24 hours to win a free bonus! Once the coins are collected, the player will be presented with a countdown timer towards the next free daily bonus spin!
  • Village Shop- After earn coins which allow you to expand your village shop.
  • Gifts-With the help of gifts option, you can send daily spin coin and cards to your Facebook friends. This option shows you which players have sent you a gift
  • Card Collection-In Coin Master Game you have to make cards collection when a card set is complete, you get an extra spin
  • Map- The map option shows your game level. 
  • Invite Friend- With the Help of this option you can invite your friends through Facebook, SMS. 
  • Achievements- The Option shows your game Achievements.
  • Setting- This option allows to change game control like music, raid and attack alerts, etc.